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Asmary Field Services Company, incorporated in 2005, investing by a team of specialists and enthusiastic founders; activating in oil and gas and related industries. The Company knows as the first Iranian private Well Logging Service Company in the territory of IR Iran; firmly believes to potential and capabilities within the country to offer more qualitative Well Logging Services.

Asmary Field Services Company, as the first private and pioneer company; has the proven records of accomplishment of doing excellent performances in a variety of engineering and technical fields. That is why –today–, Asmary is a proof of progressing and motivation in the oil industry. The precious achievements are the reasons that – Asmary– could be considering as the best exemplary company during the recent decade, in seizing the opportunities and turning immediately them into the progressing and achievements.



Asmary Field Services Company offers a complete Package of upstream services:

Production Logging Test and Pulsed Neutron Neutron Services with Interpretation
Market-leading Technology for Perforating both Through Tubing and Casing Guns
Casing and Tubing Electromagnetic Defects, Thickness and Inspection Tool
Eight Segment and Dual Receiver Cement Bond Log combined with RB Sensor
• Through Tubing Permanent and Retrievable Plugs, Bridge Plug, Dump Bailers
Pipe Recovery, Down Hole Camera and other Auxiliary Services
• Ultrasonic Casing Scanning and Sonic Noise tool
• Ultrasonic & Thermal Asphaltenes Removal Solutions
• Continues North Seeking Orientation and Gyro Services



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Address: #4, No2, 1st Golha, Dadman blvd, Shahrak-E Gharb, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98.2188570944
Fax: +98.2188097943

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